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Dress Code


Identity lanyard

You will be issued with a personalised identity lanyard at the beginning of Year 12. As part of our Safeguarding Policy, all Sixth Form students must wear their lanyard whilst on site. If you forget your lanyard you can collect a temporary one from either Mrs Emanuel or Mrs Walton. There is a replacement cost for lost lanyards.

Dress Code

Whilst it is recognised that students opt to return into the Sixth Form of their own choice, it is also vital that everyone agrees to adhere to some simple codes of conduct and dress that are developed in the broadest interests of students and staff.

The Academy would like to remind students in the Sixth Form on the need to dress in smart casual clothes. Dress should be neat, tidy and comfortable as befits the workplace as if for an office or business environment. You are working in a learning environment and your choice of clothes must reflect this.

The following are not permitted:

  • torn jeans;
  • revealing tee shirts and/or tops;
  • hot pants and shorts (knee length shorts are permitted)
  • mini skirts;
  • Tee shirts or other shirts with inappropriate logos (swear words).
  • hats (such as baseball caps) and gloves inside the Academy buildings
  • flip flops
  • Leggings (unless worn with a tunic type top)

If a student’s dress is seen/viewed as being inappropriate, he/she may asked to go home and change.