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Sociology is the scientific study of social structures and interactions and studying it will permanently change the way you look at the world. Sociology is widely accepted by universities and provides students with an academically rigorous subject. You will learn to look at your family in a more analytical light and you will discuss, among other things, the variety of groupings of people we call ‘family’, does childhood actually exist or has it been made up by humans and who is really in charge in your household set up. In addition, you will get greater insight into the education you are undergoing, its history and what successive governments have tried to do about the problems in education. You will also learn how sociologists get information – the strengths and limitations of a questionnaire, for instance do people tell fibs when answering researchers’ questions. In essence, you will acquire a deeper insight into the world around you. In Year 13 you will learn about contemporary issues such as religious extremism, crime and the impact of a rising divorce rate.

Downloadable PDFs:

Sociology Curriculum Map KS5

Year 11 into 12 Transition work for Sociology

Year 12 into 13 Transition work for Sociology

(Please note: the APS for Sociology A Level courses commencing in 2020 is 5.5)