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Economics is about

  • how, as individuals and groups, we get the things we want to buy and the services we need and want. From a ¢G5 flight to Belfast, to a penny off income tax, from a National Health Service that is free at the point of use, to the price of a can of beans – economic models help people understand why things are the way they are and why changes happen;
  • from gender discrimination in the workplace, the influence of trade unions on employment and wages, the price of new cars on the forecourt, to new ways of tackling pollution ¡V economics touches on almost every aspect of everyday life;
  • internationally, economics is at the heart of issues such as whether we should join the Euro, the impact of globalisation, the price of oil, and what should be done about the Third World debt.

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Year 11/12 Transition
Year 12/13 Transition