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Health and Social Care

Health & Social Care is about…

  • Learning about the structure and function of the body systems and how they may each be affected by disease, disorders and old age.
  • Learning about the human mind and behaviour and how it may impact on our health and help us understand why people may ignore symptoms of ill health.
  • Learning about ways to protect and improve the health of the general public, focusing on current public health strategies and initiatives.
  • Gaining an understanding of health and social care in a range of different environments and settings where care can take place.
  • Learning about effective communication, the importance of legislation and how to provide a person-centred approach when providing healthcare.
  • Using your knowledge, understanding and skills gained to contribute to your written responses via a combination of coursework units (50%) and externally examined units (50%).

Downloadable PDFs:

HSC Curriculum Map KS5

Year 11 into 12 Transition work for Health & Social Care

Year 12 into 13 Transition work for Health & Social Care