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Based on your APS we advise that the following information should guide your choices. The identified routes noted below are examples of some popular combinations that students have found work well together. Please note that many subjects also have specific requirements in order to study them; details of these requirements can be found in the Astrea Sixth Form St Neots Prospectus.

All students will need to select their subjects from our option blocks. The groups demonstrated below will always be timetabled so that they can be taken together. Whilst it is possible for students to choose outside of these routes, we cannot guarantee that every combination can be taken due to staffing/timetable constraints. Please note, that to take a route, students must meet the entry criteria for the highest subject in that group.

Required APS Score: Confidence Band: Subjects Included (please check with departments for individual subject requirements):
6.5 Purple Must take at least one ‘facilitating’ subject, suggested routes include:

Engineer: Maths/Biology/Physics/Further Maths
Medical: Biology/Chemistry/Physics
Programming: Double Computing/Maths

5.25 Yellow Must take at least two subjects that are from ‘facilitating’ or ‘enabling’ lists, suggested routes include:

Legal: History/Psychology/Law
Civil Service: English Language/Politics/Economics
Logistics: Geography/Accounting/Business

4.5 Blue Chose from the ‘engaging’ list, suggested routes include:

Creative: Media Studies/Photography/BTEC Business
Social Care: Health & Social Care/Sociology/Criminology
Business: BTEC Business/Applied Science/Criminology

3.5 Burgundy Access to A levels • Access to Beauty • Access to Sport

Subject Groupings

Facilitating Biology • Chemistry • English Literature • Geography • History • Maths • Further Maths • Physics
Enabling Classical Civilsation • Computing • Economics • Fine Art • Law • Religion Philosophy and Ethics • Politics • Psychology • Physical Education
Engaging Accounting • BTEC Business • BTEC Sport • Business • Children’s Play • Criminology • English Language & Literature • Film Studies • Health & Social Care • Geology • Media Studies • Music • Photography • Sociology

These groups are based on advice from the ‘Russell Group’ of Universities who suggest that subjects can be ranked in order of their usefulness for access to those universities asking for A and B grades for entry.

Astrea Sixth Form St Neots has a track record of students finding fulfilling Post 18 destinations whether at University or at work, without studying facilitating subjects. However, we do feel that it is important for you to be made aware of this information.

For more information regarding the ‘Russell Group’ of Universities please see the following link or search online for ‘Russell Group Informed Choices’:

Application Process

Please complete the application form and email it to

Subject choices will need careful consideration and will need to fit within ‘option blocks’ as demonstrated on the form shown the right.

Applications should be submitted no later than Friday, 1 February 2019. Interviews for a place in the Sixth Form will take place from Monday, 25 February to Friday, 8 March 2019.

Confirmation of a provisional places will be issued during April 2019. This letter will also include details of our Transition Day on Tuesday, 9 July 2019.